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Everything You Need to Know About The Cask of Amontillado

All that You Need to Know About The Cask of Amontillado SAT/ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips As you plan for the AP Literature test, something you’ll need to do is gotten a specialist in a couple of abstract works that you can use on the arrangement part of the test. We prescribe that you pick four to five striking works with various classes and subjects to ensure you can compose an astonishing understudy decision exposition. (Actually...practicing investigating writing will help you overall test, not simply the composed bit, so it’s a success win circumstance!) In any case, on the grounds that these works must be â€Å"notable† with â€Å"literary merit† doesn’t mean they should be exhausting, as well! That’s why we’re discussing Edgar Allan Poe’s short story, â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado,† as a decent decision for your AP test. Not exclusively is it generally perceived as a fantastic bit of writing, it’s got a tad bit of everything: repulsiveness! Anticipation! An unexpected curve! What's more, as an additional bonus...it’s short. To update you, we’ll start with â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado† rundown, at that point we’ll bounce into character and topical investigations. When you finish this article, you’ll have the option to expound valiantly on â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado† on your AP test. A photo of Edgar Allan Poe. Recorded Background: Who Was Edgar Allen Poe? Pundits consider Edgar Allan Poe to be the dad of the investigator story (because of â€Å"Murders in the Rue Morgue,† which originates before the Sherlock Holmes stories by over 50 years!) and a pioneer of the American short story. Be that as it may, notwithstanding his abstract achievement, Edgar Allan Poe’s life was set apart by disaster. Stranded only a year after his introduction to the world in 1809, Poe was taken in by John and Frances Allan (who weren’t blood family members). Frances Allan and Poe battled regularly, as a rule over cash, and Poe would play with neediness all through his life...especially after he was removed of John Allan’s will. Poe attempted to set off for college however couldn’t pay for it, so he dropped out. This was a surprisingly positive turn of events, since it commenced Poe’s composing vocation. Filled by the two his enthusiasm and the passing of his more seasoned sibling, Poe moved back to Baltimore to turn into a full-time essayist. There, he wedded his cousin-Virginia Clemm-who was only 13 at the hour of the marriage. (Poe was 26!) Apparently, the couple was content until Virginia’s demise thirteen years after the fact. Poe could never recoup from her demise and would spend away two years after the fact, not long after turning 40 years of age. Poe’s life may have been short, yet his composing has lived on. In spite of the fact that Poe was an artist, scholarly pundit, writer, short story author, and writer, he is most notable today for his horrifying accounts of fear and the grim. The greater part of Poe’s works fall into the Gothic kind, which is portrayed by a feeling of fear, question, and the uncanny. The class was staggeringly mainstream in the eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds of years, and Poe’s composing would make him extraordinary compared to other known essayists of Gothic frightfulness. This is what amontillado resembles! The Cask of Amontillado Background â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado† is one of Poe’s most well known short stories, and it was initially distributed in 1846 in Godey’s Lady Book, the most mainstream periodical in the United States around then. In spite of the fact that researchers aren’t 100 percent sure what motivated Poe’s short story, many accept it’s dependent on a story he heard while positioned at Fort Independence in Massachusetts in 1827. Around then, Fort Independence had a sculpture of Lieutenant Robert Massie, who had been slaughtered in a blade duel following a game, on the premises. As legend has it, after Massie’s demise, different warriors rendered retribution on his killer by getting him alcoholic and for all time fixing him in a vault...alive. An increasingly mainstream hypothesis is that Poe composed â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado† because of his own adversary, Thomas Dunn English, who had composed a searing evaluate of one of Poe’s books. â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado† sticks components from English’s epic, 1844, including making references to a similar mystery social orders and underground vaults highlighted in English’s work. Others accept that â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado† was propelled not by an individual, however by an across the board dread of being covered alive. Since medication was in its early stages, once in a while trance like state casualties were thought to be dead and were covered likewise, just to alert in their final resting places days after the fact. Individuals began concocting simple open final resting places, internment vaults with windows, and even final resting places with breathing cylinders connected to spare individuals who were rashly covered. Furthermore, obviously, the dread of being covered alive-just incredible your own final resting place is reverberated in the plot of â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado.† Despite what enlivened Poe to compose â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado,† the reality remains that this short story stays one of his generally celebrated and suffering works of Gothic dread. The Cask of Amontillado Summary Since you know a smidgen about the foundation of Poe’s short story, let’s investigate the plot of the content. (You can locate a free, legitimate duplicate of â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado† online by clicking here.) The Story Begins Poe’s short story really happens in double cross periods. The majority of the occasions happen the evening of Carnaval, which is a Western Christian festival that happens before Lent. Jamboree is a festival of abundance of food, drink, and fun-before the limitation of the Lenten season sets in before Easter. (In the United States, the Carnival season is also called Mardi Gras.) However, the story is told all things considered by the storyteller, Montresor, fifty years after the occasion to an obscure audience (just alluded to as â€Å"you† in the story). That implies that there are really two diverse time periods occurring in â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado.† Setting the Trap Perusers discover that Montresor is intending to render retribution on his one-time companion, Fortunato. Perusers never realize precisely what Fortunato has done to Montresor to send him to the brink, just that Montresor feels he is the casualty of a â€Å"thousand injuries† and one anonymous â€Å"insult† he should vindicate. Perusers likewise discover that Montresor has concealed his fierceness so as to persuade Fortunato that they are still companions which is all piece of his arrangement. The evening of Carnival, Montresor places his arrangement vigorously. He realizes that Fortunato sees himself as a wine epicurean, so Montresor isn’t amazed that Fortunato is as of now alcoholic when he discovers him in the Carnival festivity. Montresor educates him regarding a channel, or around 130 gallons, of Amontillado he purchased. (Amontillado is a fine sherry wine.) But since he has the wine, Montresor is worried about the possibility that that he was hoodwinked. He reveals to Fortunato that he was headed to discover Luchresi-another wine epicurean to assist him with deciding the wine’s legitimacy. Entering the Vaults Montresor’s ploy works. Montresor realizes that Fortunato is brimming with himself, and the possibility that somebody could pass judgment on the Amontillado pricks his personality. Thus, Fortunato demands checking the Amontillado himself. Montresor pitifully attempts to discourage Fortunato, disclosing to him that going into the tombs, or underground vaults where ages of the Montresor family are covered, will decline Fortunato’s head cold. Fortunato waves off Montresor’s concerns, saying that he â€Å"shall not bite the dust of a cough,† and he tails him into the vaults to taste the Amontillado in any case. As the men adventure further into the dim, underground paths, Montresor ensures that Fortunato continues drinking. Fortunato gets some information about the Montresor family’s ensign, and Montresor discloses to him that their family witticism is â€Å"Nemo me impune lacessit,† or â€Å"no one assaults me with impunity.† Fortunato is flushed to such an extent that he misses the admonition in Montresor’s words, and rather solicits whether Montresor is a part from the bricklayers, an organization with a tip top enrollment. Montresor says yes and holds up a mason’s trowel, suggesting that he’s an exacting bricklayer. Fortunato thinks Montresor is kidding, and when they show up at the specialty where Montresor says he’s put away the Amontillado, he’s too alcoholic to even think about noticing that there’s no wine inside. He doesn’t even oppose as Montresor binds him to the divider. The End of Fortunato Montresor then uncovers the blocks and mortar he has put away in the vault, and he starts to divider up the opening to the niche...with Fortunato binded inside. The procedure is a long one, and Montresor depicts Fortunato’s dreadful cries and endeavors to pull liberated from the chains. However, Montresor is resolved, and he tosses a lit light into the specialty with Fortunato before he gets done with walling him in alive. By this point, Fortunato is terrified. He’s shouting for help, yet the pair are so far underground that there’s nobody to hear him. He attempts to speak to Montresor’s rationale, saying that he’ll be missed by â€Å"Lady Fortunato and the rest.† Montresor is unaffected, wraps fixing up the vault, and leaves Fortunato there to kick the bucket. Montresor completes his story by telling the audience that there Fortunato’s bones stay, after fifty years. mninha/Flickr â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado† Character Analysis Peruse on for a top to bottom examination of the significant characters in â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado.† Fortunato Fortunato’s name implies â€Å"the lucky one† in Italian, which is unexpected surrendered that he closes bricked inside the Montresor

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Benefits of Women Entrepreneurship

Advantages of Women Entrepreneurship Hop to: Advantages of Female Entrepreneurs | Disadvantages of Female Entrepreneurs | Challenges for Female Entrepreneurs | Schemes to Develop Female Entrepreneurs | Leading Female Entrepreneurs in India | Differences among Male and Female Entrepreneurs Ladies establish around half of the absolute total populace. So is in India moreover. They are along these lines viewed as the better 50% of the general public. In conventional social orders, they were limited to the four dividers of houses performing family unit exercises. In present day social orders they have come out of the four dividers to take an interest in a wide range of exercises. The worldwide confirmations proveã‚â ã‚â that ladies have been performing exceedingly well in various circles of exercises like scholastics, legislative issues, organization, social work, etc. Presently they have begun diving into industry likewise and running their ventures effectively. In this manner while talking about on enterprising advancement of ladies business people in the nation. Al through independent companies possessed by ladies have generally centered around design , affectionate and different administrations area, yet as of late ladies business people have been moving quickly into assembling, development and other mechanical recorded. Ladies claimed business are softly expanding in the financial aspects of practically all nations. The shrouded innovative capability of ladies have step by step been changing with the developing sensivity to the job and monetary status in the general public. It implies ladies have the possibilities, ability, information and flexibility to maintain a business effectively. Which means And Definitions Ladies business person is an individual who acknowledges provoking job to meet her own need and become monetarily autonomous. There are conservative, social, strict, social and different variables existing in the general public which liable for the crisis of the business visionaries. Ladies business person alludes similarly to somebody who has begun a one ladies business to somebody who is a head in privately-run company or association or to somebody who is investor in an open organization which she runs.        The Government of India has definedã‚â ã‚â a ladies business visionary is an endeavor possessed and constrained by a ladies having a base monetary enthusiasm of 51% of the capital and giving at any rate 51% of the work produced in the venture to ladies . Focal points Of Female Entrepreneurs Social Networking.ã‚â Let's be honest ladies are common organizers. They love to talk, blend, and hobnob. This is the very motivation behind why spouses infrequently ever deal with the social schedule. In todays business condition, acing online networking is obligatory, and the women totally have an advantage! Intuition.ã‚â They call it womens instinct for a reason.ã‚â Women all in all can evaluate someone else a lot quicker than her male partner. In todays ultra-quick paced business condition, you need the capacity to rapidly distinguish the partners and the foes. Notwithstanding in the event that you are a male or female, you have to confide in your gut. Torment Tolerance.ã‚â Alright, at first I would have said this is immaterial. In any case, subsequent to viewing my youngsters be conceived, there is no doubt that my significant other can handleã‚â a lotã‚â more torment than I can. What's more, I am not simply talking physical agony, I mean enthusiastic, as well (have you perceived how extreme youngsters can be on their moms?). In business, there are a great deal of excruciating minutes. A ton. Ladies unquestionably have a favorable position around there. Performing multiple tasks.  Women are known for shuffling numerous errands simultaneously and as yet having the option to deliver amazing outcomes. On the other hand, the folks are aces at concentrating on a certain something. All things considered, the bit of leeway in todays diverting condition goes to ladies. Tolerance.  Women innately appear to have more persistence. Furthermore, in todays business condition, persistence is critical! Forceful business techniques are not taking care of like they once did. Unwavering mindsets always win in the end in this classification. Listening.ã‚â A companion of mine went to purchase another bed at a little sheet material store claimed by a couple group. The female proprietor moves toward my companion and asked a wide range of inquiries regarding for what valid reason they required another bed, on the off chance that they could fix their old bed, what else they were thinking about, and so forth. She posed inquiries and listened intently. She plainly indicated that she thought about assisting with addressing their necessities. My companion was minutes from purchasing any bed that she suggested. In any case, simply at that point, the baffled spouse on the business group ran up and said let me handle this. At that point he simply made a decent attempt close the deal. He was pushy, mentioning to them what he prescribed and what they needed to have. Prepare to have your mind blown. The deal was lost the subsequent he started talking! They exited. I am certain he accused her, yet it was him. The key is to pose inquiries and truly tu ne in. Without a doubt, any incredible sales rep knows this, man or lady, it just appears that the women are normally better at doing it. Issue/Disadvantages Of Female Entrepreneurs Ladies Entrepreneurs experience two arrangements of issues for example general issues business visionaries and issues explicit to ladies business visionaries. These are talked about follows Account Account is viewed as life blood for any endeavor be in enormous or little. Anyway ladies business visionaries experience the ill effects of deficiency of fund on two tallies. Right off the bat ladies don't for the most part have property on their names to utilize them as insurance for getting assets from outside sources. With the goal that entrance to the outer sources reserves is constrained. Besides the banks likewise consider ladies less credit-commendable and debilitate ladies barrowers on conviction that they can whenever leave their business.ã‚â ã‚â ã‚â ã‚â Shortage Of Raw Materials The greater part of the ladies undertakings are tormented by the shortage of crude materials and fundamental information sources. Added to this are significant expenses of crude materials, from one perspective and getting crude material at the base of markdown on the other. The disappointment of numerous co-agents in 1971 occupied with based creation is model how the shortage of crude material sounds the passing toll of endeavors run by ladies. Male Dominated Society The constitution of India talks about correspondence between genders. Be that as it may, by and by ladies are viewed as abla i.e.  Weak in all regards. In male ruled Indian culture, ladies are not offered equivalent men. This transform fills in as a hindrance to ladies passage into business.  Lack Of Education In India around 60% of ladies are as yet uneducated. Lack of education is the underlying driver of financial issue. Because of the absence of training ladies don't know about business, innovation and market information. Additionally absence of instruction causes low accomplishment inspiration among women.ã‚â Market Oriented Risk Various ladies need to confront the difficulties of market on account of solid rivalry. Numerous specialists think that its hard to catch the market and contend with their item. They are not completely mindful of the changing economic situations. Inspirational Factors. Fruitful specialists can act naturally spurred through setting up a psyche and taking up chance and tolerating social duties on shoulder. Different factors, for example, family bolster government arrangements money related help and so forth are additionally essential to set up business. Absence of Confidence Ladies need trust in their quality and ability. The relatives and the general public and hesitant to remain alongside their innovative development Preparing Programs Preparing programs are basic to new country and youthful business visionaries who wish to set up a little and medium scale unit. The projects enhance the expertise and capability of ladies business person. Present Position Of Women Entrepreneurs Out of the absolute 940-48 million individuals in India during the 1990s of the female involve 465% of the all out populace. There are 126.48 million ladies work power (speaking to 28.9% of the female populace) however according to the 1991 enumeration just 185900 ladies representing just 4.5% of all out independently employed personsã‚â ã‚â in the nation were recorded. Larger part of them are occupied with the un sorted out in the chaotic areas like agribusiness, agro based enterprises, handiworks, handloom and cabin based ventures. According to the 2001census report, there are of ladies laborers of the absolute working populace including formal just as casual division. In the period of L.P.G (Liberalization, Privatization, Globalization) the   Indian ladies business visionaries are quick entering the non - customary parts. Which to be sure is in light of their more prominent mindfulness. Five Business Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Face and How to Overcome them Social Value The primary pioneering challenge ladies business people face is that of social worth or custom. This test is increasingly significant on ladies business visionaries in Africa; where the social worth involves that the man/spouse be the provider. A lady showing her pioneering ability is assumed as needing to assume control over the influential position of the spouse. This test likewise surfaces in families where the spouse/father is a business visionary. The male kids are typically prepared onã‚â running the family businessã‚â and carrying on after the end of the dad while the female kids are generally kept separate from this enterprising prepping process. To beat this pioneering challenge,ã‚â you must be set up to advancement this restricting convention; you should adhere to what you trust in. Cultural Discrimination The following test ladies face in business is cultural separation. A great many people despite everything live with the attitude that specific organizations or errands are better taken care of by men. Have you at any point run over a female auto repairman, handyman, bricklayer or welder? What was your first response? You more likely than not shouted what the heck is a lady doing with such occupation. All things considered, I have done it c

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Mattress Dominoes!

Mattress Dominoes! For those of you who dont remember or are new here (or dont care about what I have to say all that much there, I covered everyone!), Im spending the summer as an RTA for the Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University, an intensive three-week academic program for gifted students. There are two sessions each summer; I was the TA for Neuroscience first session, and this time around Im working with AP Physics. Physics is awesome and all, but thats not what Im here for right now. Neither are brains, really, but theyre at least marginally related to this post. My Neuroscience class had 17 students who are pretty much the best people ever. (Dont argue. Im right.) I have fantastic evidence to back up my argument, too. Theres a video on CollegeHumor of some students playing mattress dominoes, which involves well, youll see it. My class made their own version of the video last week when I was away from the floor for approximately two seconds, and its pretty great. Thats all Ive got for you today. Back to the living and the learning and all that.

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Greek Alphabet and Symbols in Chemistry

Scholars used to be conversant with Greek and Latin as part of their education. They even used these languages to publish their ideas or work. Correspondence with other scholars was possible even if their native languages werent the same. Variables in science and mathematics need a symbol to represent them when they are written. A scholar would need a new symbol to represent their new idea and Greek was one of the tools at hand. Applying a Greek letter to a symbol became second nature. Today, while Greek and Latin arent on every students curriculum, the Greek alphabet is learned as needed. The table below lists all twenty-four letters in both upper and lowercase of the Greek alphabet used in science and mathematics. Name Upper Case Lower Case Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta Eta Theta Iota Kappa Lambda Mu Nu Xi Omicron Pi Rho Sigma Tau Upsilon Phi Chi Psi Omega

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The Growth And Poverty Improvement Of A Country Essay

CHAPTER 1 1.1.1 INTERNSHIP INTRODUCTION Finance is assumed to be one of the most important tools for the growth and poverty improvement in a country. Financial inclusion is a vision for every country to achieve so that it can provide quality services to its citizens. Govt. Has introduces many schemes to achieve the aim of Inclusive growth and abandoned access to Financial services. Many initiatives, schemes and reforms have been put into the place after independence. Many Cooperative Banks where introduced to supply credit for farming purpose and for this cooperative banks came into existence immediately after Independence and further it was followed by the nationalization of many banks and priority sector lending and subsequently. Indian shifted from an agriculture economy to Industrial economy and later to Services sector Economy, but center of attention shifted from subsidized credit and to important sector lending to enterprise driven. But in this journey of economic development poor and disadvantaged people were not ignored in this journey of economic growth and economic stability. But Post liberalisation India (1991 onwards) saw numerous changes in the financial area; interest rate free licensing, de-regulation, privatization has opened india to the world. Keeping its socialist goals in wits Government of India took various steps after 1991 i.e (post-liberalisation) that the growth in the economy is not biased so that theShow MoreRelatedIndi Poverty And Inequality1308 Words   |  6 Pageslow and a high income within an economy. Poverty is defined as being in the state of extremely poor. India is well renowned for having two classes, those living well above the poverty line, and those living well below. Currently, India is promoting strategies to decrease their percentage of people living under the poverty line. In 2012 the World Bank conducted some research to find out that 21.9% of the countries 1.295 billion, are living under the poverty line. As of 2014, the GNI per capita in IndiaRead MoreThe Social Problem Of Poverty1173 Words   |  5 PagesNowadays, one of the most important associated topic in people’s live is poverty. The definition of poverty is a social condition where individuals do not have financial means to meet the most fundamental standards of the life is a acceptable by the community. Individuals experiencing poverty do not have the means to pay for basic needs of daily life like food, clothes and shelter. According to Lansley, (365) â€Å"Poverty is humiliation, the sense of being dependent on them, and of being forced to acceptRead MoreDescription Of A Quest For Quality851 Words   |  4 Pagesimportance of growth accompanied by the improvement of the social conditions, as also, an explanation about of the QGI index, as well, a comparison between QGI, HDI and SPI indexes, supporting a briefly analysis, the results and opportunities to enhance living condition s. Growth has to improve social outcomes. Looking for better conditions to the society, the article stated that a high growth does not mean an improvement in social outcomes. The authors brought the information that many countries in theRead MoreFactors Determining The Developmental Pace Of A Country976 Words   |  4 PagesMultiple factors determine the developmental pace of a country. One important factor that has determined the development of America is its economy. Unemployment rates, inflation, and rise in poverty are just a few economic indicators that a country is not developing properly. Cutting poverty in order to help the poor and enlarge the middle class is a major goal the U.S. is trying to achieve. According to The State of Working America, the rise in poverty is clearly depicted following the most recent AmericanRead MorePoverty Inequality And Economic Growth1466 Words   |  6 Pagespurpose of this essay is to investigate the extent in which poverty, inequality and economic growth are related. These three di mensions are regularly perceived as indices of the complex and multidimensional concept of ‘economic development’. This term is not black and white however: it is a concept that is more than just merely income analysis. Poverty can be broken down into two separate definitions: absolute and relative. Absolute poverty describes the position of an individual who is living on lessRead MoreHow Globalisation has affected developing countries in the Asia - pacific region1609 Words   |  7 Pagesopen to the flows of the world economy. China, which is one of the developing countries, is said to be the next economic super power. Many guru economists such as Lawrence Summers predict that in the opening decades of the 21st century, china will match the US and Japanese economies. China currently ranks seventh strongest economy on a global scale. China s economic success has not been confined to raw economic growth, especially with a huge trade surplus of over 40 billion according to world guideRead MoreMain Characteristics Of The Republic Of Philippines1275 Words   |  6 PagesPhilippines Main Characteristics The Republic of Philippines is an emerging economy. It is a newly industrialised country and its economy has been transitioning from one based upon agriculture to an economy with more emphasis upon services and manufacturing. The Philippines, in its desire for development, embraced the World Trade Organization and its call for open markets and trade liberalization in 1995. According to 2013 World Bank statistics, The Philippine economy is ranked the 39th largestRead MorePoverty : A Economic Disparity Between The Rich And Poor1361 Words   |  6 Pages but more than 20 percent of the population lives in crippling poverty (Baker, 2013). Poverty is usually defined in either absolute or relative terms. Absolute poverty refers to the standard of living, which is reflected in satisfying the needs for basic survival (Rahim, Abidin, Ping, Alias, and, Muhammad, 2014). Relative poverty is reflected in the income gap between the rich and the poor (Rahim, et al., 2014). The study of poverty i s often linked to globalization, and the effect of globalizationRead MorePoverty in Pakistan: Causes and Consequences1610 Words   |  6 PagesPoverty, a multidimensional global phenomenon, as defined by World Bank is an income level below some minimum threshold deemed necessary to achieve basic needs. This minimum level is usually called the â€Å"poverty line†. The things required to satisfy basic needs are highly time and society dependent. Therefore, poverty lines vary from country to country as each country defines and sets the poverty line limit according to its own level of development, societal norms and values. But the contents of theRead MoreGhan A Prosperous Country1452 Words   |  6 Pages Imagine your country has the model economy desired for an African country. Your country has also been a free democracy since 1982, which is uncommon for your nearby countries to be. Your country has more of a free economy compared to the rest of the countries in its region. T he World Bank has helped your country cut down poverty by 20% in recent years. Your country has a recently increased in urban population by 350%. This country is Ghana, leading the world with the largest hydroelectric power

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Social Media Use Free Essays

Abstract The purpose of this study is to actually look at the use of the social media (i. e Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp,) in RSUST and the academic performance of the students. In this research a qualitative research method is used. We will write a custom essay sample on Social Media Use or any similar topic only for you Order Now 3 researched questions were asked 1. How common is the use of social media (i. e Facebook, BBM[BlackBerry Messenger], Whatsapp, Twitter) among RSUST students. 2. How often do these students spend using the social media? 3. How has it affected the academic performance of those who use the social media and those who don’t? Introduction There has been a debate about the use of social media (e. g. , Facebook,Twitter,) by high school and college students, and the possible effect of those tools on students’ academic performance (Connolly, 2011; Hargitai, Hsieh, 2010; Karpinski, Duberstein, 2009). The main issue of this debate is whether the growing use of social media by high school and/or university students actually improves or worsens a student’s academic performance. The continued growth in the usage of the social media by students as early as the elementary school level (Anderson, Rainie, 2012; Lenhart, 2009), In fact, the average time spent with screen media among 8- to 18-year-olds is more than twice the average amount of time spent in school each year (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010; National Center for Education Statistics, 2007–2008). This issue has brought about concerns particularly for the areas of education (e. g. the identification and use of compatible teaching methods and the design of non-classroom educational assignments); communications (e. g. , the identification of appropriate channels on how to exchange educational information among individuals) (Chen, Bryer, 2012; Anderson, Rainie, 2012). Over the past 10 years, the media environment that children grow up in has changed dramatically, and the amount of time they spend consuming media has exploded. Students have been engulfed with—and possibly transformed byâ₠¬â€ reality TV, smartphones, iPads, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. How to cite Social Media Use, Essay examples

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Was Saxon justice harsh and superstitious Essay Example

Was Saxon justice harsh and superstitious Essay Between AD500 and 1100 England changed form being a mass of small kingdoms into one united country. During these centuries, kings played a vital part in every aspect of government and especially in crime and punishment. A kings most important tasks were to defend his country from attacks and to make sure his laws were obeyed. Laws were made by kings after consulting nobles and bishops. At first, Laws had two main aims, to protect landowners property from damage or theft and to protect people from violence although freemen got more protection than slaves. Early Saxon kings allowed the victims of crimes to punish the criminal themselves. If someone was murdered, the family had the right to track down and kill the murderer. This right was known as the Blood Feud. There were two problems about this legal violence. Firstly, it often led to even more violence as families and their friends banded together to take revenge for an attack and then this led to another attack. Secondly, it did not protect people who did not want to use violence against those who had harmed them. Later kings abolished the Blood Feud and introduced money fines called wergilds for many crimes including some murders. The victims received compensation in money. The level of punishment was decided by the king, through his laws. This made further violence much less likely. Saxon laws were extremely detailed about fines that criminals had to pay. The wergild for killing a nobleman was 300 shillings. If the criminal could not afford to pay the fine, then he or she was sent into slavery. However, not all crimes were punished by fines. We will write a custom essay sample on Was Saxon justice harsh and superstitious specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Was Saxon justice harsh and superstitious specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Was Saxon justice harsh and superstitious specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Some serious crimes carried the death penalty treason against the king, arson and betraying your lord. Reoffenders were also punished harshly if they were caught. Punishments for regular offenders included mutilation, for example, cutting off a hand, ear or nose or putting out the eyes. Any accused person who did not come to court was Outlawed. This meant he no longer had the protection of the law and could be killed by anyone as a punishment. Prisons were only used for holding accused people before trial. Imprisonment was rarely used as a punishment because it was expensive. Gaolers would have to be paid and criminals would have to be fed. This was impossible at a time when kings only collected taxes for wars or to pay for other out of the ordinary events. There was no police force in Saxon England. In the early Saxon kingdoms people relied on their families to help them catch thieves or other wrongdoers. By the tenth century, kings had set up a different kind of self-help system known as a tithing. A tithing was a group of ten people. All males over the age of twelve had to belong to a tithing. This meant that they were responsible for each others behaviour. If a member of the tithing broke the law, the others had to bring him to court or pay the compensation fine to the victim. In a modern trial there are lawyers to prosecute and defend, and jury members must have no prior knowledge of the accused. By contrast, at a Saxon trial there were no lawyers to prosecute or defend the accused person. The accuser was the person who claimed to be the victim of the crime. The jury was also different. It was made up of men from the area who probably knew the accuser and the accused. Both the accused and the accuser told their version of events to the jury. It was then up to the jury to decide who was telling the truth. If there was no clear evidence (such as a witness having seen the crime take place) they used their experience of people concerned. If the jury felt the accuser was more honest in general than the accused, they swore an oath that the accused was guilty. The jurys oath taking was called Compurgation. There were times when the jury members could not agree with each other. This was usually in cases of theft or murder when there was no witness. Trial by ordeal was the solution to this problem. A twelfth-century law said that the ordeal of hot iron is not to be permitted except where the naked truth cannot otherwise be explored. Then God was asked to decide whether the accused person was guilty and the accused had to undergo trial by ordeal. Human beings might not know the truth but God certainly would! There were different kinds of trial by ordeal but whichever one was used; a careful religious ritual was followed. The person taking the ordeal had to fast for three days beforehand and hear mass in the church. As the ordeal by hot iron began the priest said these words: If you are innocent of this charge you may confidently receive this iron in your hand and the Lord, the justice judge, will free you, just as he snatched the three children from the burning fire. Trial by hot iron was usually taken by women. The accused had to carry a piece of red-hot iron for three metres. Her hand was then bandaged and unwrapped three days later. If the wound was healing cleanly without festering everyone would know that god was saying she was innocent. But if the wound was not healing cleanly God was saying she was guilty. Trial by hot water was usually taken my men. The accused put his hand into boiling water to pick up an object and lift it out. This might not be so easy. One of the earliest accounts of this ordeal describes how the accused plunged his right hand into the cauldron. In the bubbling it was not easy for him to grasp the little ring but at last he drew it out. The arm was then bandaged. Three days later the bandage was taken off. Again, the person was innocent if the wound was healing cleanly. Trial by cold water was also usually taken by men. People believed that the water was pure and so would reveal the truth. The accused was lowered into the water (a river or pond as close to the church as possible) on the end of a rope. The rope was knotted above the waist. If the person sank and the knot went below the surface then he was innocent because the pure water had been willing to let this innocent beneath its surface. However, if he and the knot floated then they believed the water was rejecting him because he was guilty. Trial by consecrated bread was taken by priests. The priest first had to pray, asking that he be choked by the bread if he lied. Then he had to eat a piece of consecrated bread. If he choked then he was guilty because God would not let a sinner eat consecrated bread. This might seem a much more lenient ordeal but people believed that God was sure to punish a priest who lied and so it was seen as the most effective or all ordeals. I think that the Saxons used trial by ordeal as a means of finding out whether someone was guilty or not to deter other would be criminals from committing crime. In my opinion, Saxon trials were based on superstition rather than logic because the trials in order to ascertain whether the person was guilty were based on a chance result and were often biased of finding them guilty.